Aeron Wheels - Carbon Bicycles Wheels built in Co.Down, Ireland

Aeron Wheels are located in Co.Down, Northern Ireland. Aeron's signature products are hand built carbon fibre bicycle wheels, for Road, Mountain Bike and Cyclocross disciplines. For the ultimate everyday carbon fibre wheels, ride Aeron.

How to Order Aeron Wheels?
Contact Aeron Wheels, to discuss build options. Pay your deposit. Wheelset is then hand built and Aeron will contact you when ready for Collect or Delivery where the balance is paid.

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Phone Aeron : 07736611244

About Us

our story and what we offer

Ivan Chambers

my story

I’ve been a keen cyclist for many decades, during that time I’ve always enjoyed working at my own bikes. This included maintaining and servicing them as the miles clocked up. This keen interest lead to me learning to build bicycle wheels, and it was at this that I really found my passion for process and satisfaction for when I wheel is finished. To this day, ten year’s on I still get that buzz from completing a build and more importantly getting that phone call or chat from the rider a few weeks later telling me all about the experience they have had.

As mentioned above, I have been cycling for many years, I’m based in Co.Down, Northern Ireland and I’m a member of a local cycling club. Initially I started by building wheels for myself, this lead onto completing small wheel repairs for local club riders, which developed into building wheelsets for others. In the early day’s riders would have supplied their own hubs and rims, as time moved on riders both club men and racing men tended to be buying off the shelf, factory wheel builds from leading industry manufactures.┬áMany riders, myself included were not happy with what was on offer off the shelf and over the year’s more and more seem to be going back to the custom wheel option. My passion for cycling and the technology that goes with it trigger me to learn more about new carbon technologies in rims. After numerous years of research and many many miles in the saddle I’ve narrowed down the range that I’m happy to ride myself and supply to others. It was early 2017 when I put the wheels in motion to come up with a brand for housing my business, and Aeron was formed. All wheelsets are still hand built by myself and individually tested using various tension meters. The Aeron signature range consists of Carbon Road Wheels, Carbon MTB Wheels using the most modern of industry standards, rims being sourced from leading brand, Gigantex. I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing riders compete and improve on previous results when swapping over to an Aeron Wheelset. 2017 brings an exciting new chapter as wheels are being delivered on a daily basis to riders throughout Ireland and the UK. Feel free to check out sample builds on the website and contact me for any advice required before ordering.

May the wind always be on your back, yours in cycling Ivan.

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